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EBIT Gratitude and Feedback

To present the appreciation for your support and trust in EBIT, the company will give feedback to all customers who bought E10 before March 19, 2018.

The feedback is divided into the following two parts:

1. Free machines. On the basis of the total amount and quantity of the originally signed Product Sales Contract, an additional 10% of the total hash rate on the original contract (machine model E9.1) will be provided. Specific matters are confirmed with the sales.

2. Coupon issuance. Each E10 is issued one USD310 coupon.

Coupon usage rules:

1. It is only used for purchasing EBIT products (except power supply), one coupon is only use for one unit.

2. The coupons can not be exchanged into cash and no balance. The amount of credit deducted cannot be invoiced.

3. The coupon is valid on the same day as it issued until December 31, 2018 (Beijing Time).

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